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The Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic welcomes individuals, couples, and families of all lifestyles and stages of their relationship to be part of therapy services. We work not only with married couples but with dating and cohabitating couples, same-sex couples, divorced or separated couples, newlyweds, those considering or preparing for marriage, as well as those never intending to marry. We work with couples in crisis but also with those looking for a “tune-up” to make small relational improvements or a “check-up” to maintain the quality and health of their relationship. We also work with those who currently have no relational concerns but who are preparing for the next step in their relationship, whether it be marriage, cohabitation, starting a family together, preparing for an “empty nest,” or any other relational transition. At the AzMFT Clinic, we believe it is never too early or too late to work on your relationship and that people of all walks of life deserve access to affordable, high quality relational care.

In choosing a therapist, some may prefer to work with a male or female therapist. Our team at the Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic includes both male and female clinical therapists.

We are dedicated and committed:

  • To providing high quality individual, relationship, group, and family therapy to the greater Phoenix community.
  • To acting collaboratively with other community professionals and to work toward providing the most comprehensive care for clients.
  • To providing excellent training for Master-Level Associate and Intern therapists.

Meet the Clinical Team

Karissa Greving Mehall, PhD, LMFT

Arizona Marriage & Family Therapy ClinicDr. Karissa Greving Mehall is the Clinical Director and supervisor of the Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic and has been clinically working with individuals, couples, and families for approximately 16 years. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor and the Co-Director for the Masters of Advanced Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy Program (designed to train practitioners who desire to practice Marriage and Family Therapy) at Arizona State University for the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics. Dr. Mehall trains and supervises clinical therapists, and she has presented information on children, couples, and families at local, national and international workshops and conferences. Dr. Mehall served as the President-Elect and President (2008-2012) of the Arizona Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Amanda Olson, MAS-MFT, LMFT

Amanda Olson is a Clinical Supervisor and Coordinator at the Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic. She currently sees clients full time and supervises clinical interns at the Chandler and Tempe clinic sites. In addition to therapy and supervision, she has presented locally on relationship pitfalls and guest lectures for the MFT graduate program at ASU on clinical assessment and child development.

Ashley Snider, MAS-MFT, LMFT

Ashley Snider is a Clinical Supervisor and Coordinator for the Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic, and has been working with individuals, couples and families for over 8 years.  Ashley has a background in family and human development, and spent the first half of her clinical career working in outpatient behavioral health care with children and families. She was also the Clinical Supervisor over two behavioral health sites before joining the clinic full time.  Ashley has presented at local conferences on grief and loss, and guest lectured for the MFT and social work graduate programs at Arizona State University.  Ashley currently trains and supervises our graduate intern therapists.

Clinical Staff

The Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is operated by Master-and PhD-Level therapists. We are a team comprised of Clinical Supervisors, Associate and Intern Therapists providing therapy services at 3 locations. Associate and Intern therapists at the Clinic are supervised by Licensed Marriage and Family therapists.  


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